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Gripit Dental Floss Holder, 
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A Brand-New Way to Floss

Gripit Dental Floss Holders are fast and easy flossing tools that motivate daily teeth-cleaning habits. Flossing and brushing — especially reaching the back teeth — helps remove plaque, a sticky substance that accumulates and hardens over time. 

Left untreated, plaque deposits can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Regular brushing and flossing of teeth can also reduce bad breath and lower your dental bills. 

There is even evidence which points to a reduced incidence of heart disease when you take care of your teeth properly. Get a Gripit today and have happy, healthy smiles for a lifetime.
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Gripit Floss Holder
Reduce your flossing time with the Gripit Floss Holder. The Gripit is "Finger Friendly" too — so you'll no longer experience pinched fingers while trying to hold dental floss tight. This great new product is also perfect for flossing children's teeth nice and quickly. 

Seniors and people with limited dexterity also find a Gripit extremely useful, with its ergonomic handle and easy-to-use flossing tool. It can even be used with one hand! You can reuse your Gripit for years — just pop it into your dishwasher from time-to-time. Buy one for life, floss in two minutes, and get cleaner teeth for less than three cents a day!
The Gripit
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