Revolutionary Flossing Aid

New Gripit Benefits Are Clear

  • Ready to use with 50 yards of floss included so you can get months of use from the first roll.
  • Reusable so you can refill it easily with your favorite floss from your local drug or grocery store.
  • Lasts a lifetime so you don't have to worry about replacing it every few years.
  • Does not clog landfills which means it's safe for the environment.
  • Dishwasher friendly so you can just pop it into your dishwasher from time-to-time for easy cleaning.

How a Gripit Works

To use your Gripit, simply follow the steps below:
  1. Place a roll of floss into your Gripit so the tail unwinds clockwise through slot #1. (Gripits can also be threaded in the opposite direction.)
  2. Make sure the floss crosses the locking teeth.
  3. Thread the floss inside the guide.
  4. Thread the floss along the prong.
  5. Loop the floss under the notches at the tip of the prongs.
  6. Thread the floss back along the other prong.
  7. Loop the floss inside the second guide.
  8. Make sure the floss crosses the locking teeth a second time. 
  9. Thread floss out the exit slot marked and snap your Gripit closed.
  10. To advance fresh floss, pop open your Gripit slightly to unlock the gripping teeth. Pull the floss tail until fresh floss is in place. Snap your Gripit closed. Remove excess floss with the cutter on the back. Remember to leave a little extra tail length, which will make it easier to grip when advancing fresh floss. Fingers on a Gripit
Make sure the floss crosses the locking teeth.
To advance fresh floss
Gripit Floss Holder
easy to use
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