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Have Your Kids Watch the GripIt Floss Holder in Action on YouTube
The GripIt Floss Holder is simple to use and fights plaque.


"I have recommended this Gripit Dental Flosser to patients who have difficulty with traditional methods of flossing. They have reported an increased ability to floss and, due to the ease of flossing, an increased compliance. The proof is in the health of their soft tissue." 

— Dr. B., DDS in Colorado
"I am thrilled with the Gripit Floss Holder. I suffer rheumatoid arthritis, which has nearly crippled my fingers. This flosser makes it so easy to reach my back teeth — and it's pain free! Thanks to whoever invented this wonderful product." 

— Eleanor, in Evansville, IN
"This is a great dental flosser. I'm sort of an environmental green freak and so the best thing about the Gripit Dental Floss Holder is that you don't throw the holder away. After you've used the 50 yards supply of floss it comes with, you simply refill it using your favorite floss. There's also a guide on the back of the package that's super easy to follow. This is a great find! I spent only a few minutes googling and found the Gripit and their web site. I've since forwarded the Gripitflossholder.com link to all my eco-conscious family members and friends. I hope they make the same smart purchase that I did." 

— Barbara, IT Consultant in Dallas
"I'm a regular flosser. But when I fell on the ice this past winter and broke my wrist, flossing stopped. I could not do it with one hand. That is until I discovered the Gripit Floss Holder. This handy gadget holds the floss tightly to reach back teeth and the body of the flosser fits my hand very comfortably. Now I am a one-handed flosser. And, even though my wrist has healed, I am not going back to the old fashioned way. I'm sticking with my Gripit to floss." 

— Sue, Senior Citizen in Wisconsin
"Wow, what a cool thing. Since when you are flossing someone else's teeth, or even your own for that matter, you are forced to stick your fingers into their/your mouth. Not fun! They say that gross things aren't gross when it's your kid, but that is no true. It's still gross. And those little flossers that pile up in the trash can daily are not good for the environment. So these Gripit flossing tools were very intriguing.... They were easy to use. When you are finished flossing, simply pop open your Gripit and advance the floss and cut the excess. When you run out of floss you can pop in a roll from any package of floss. Less waste plus reaching back teeth is a breeze. This product is great for the whole family."

— Elissa, Blogger at Punk Rock Parents
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